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Welcome to the Valtechs System, powered by Transaction Technologies.

The Valtechs System is a web-based institutional investor targeting and intelligence application expressly designed for investor relations professionals. Using analytics and methodologies developed by Valuation Technologies and Transaction Technologies over the past 15 years, the Valtechs System enables investor relations officers and consultants to:

  • Gain actionable insight into the investment style, portfolio holdings, and security selection methodology of 24,000+ domestic and international buy-side institutions and mutual funds
  • Target potential long-term investors
  • Organize roadshows and investor conferences
  • Identify at-risk shareholders
  • See how your company's valuations compare to peers'

The Valtechs System helps you understand why professional managers invest in particular stocks by revealing the specific security selection factors that influence their buy and sell decisions. We help you look inside the institution's black box to provide you with a view of your company from the investor's perspective -- powerful insight that will help you communicate your company's message more effectively and tailor your presentations to address the specific concerns of an investor.

As the supplier and developer of valuation data and institutional portfolio analytics, we originated valuation based targeting. With the Valtechs System, we're now providing our unique insights directly to our clients.

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